Essential Ingredients of Every Linux Hosting Plan

All of us are quite familiar with the website. A website normally comprises of domain name, web space and web pages. When you want to launch a website, first of all you will choose the domain name. After the selection of domain name the next step is to find best web hosting on which you will be able to upload your files. Following are the main ingredients of every Linux hosting plan:

Control Panel

The most important and the major feature of any website has always been the control panel. Control panel empowers you with freedom to administrate your website. As per the agreed plan, you will be given access to control panel to manage your website and make necessary amendments.

Email ID’s

The POP3 email ids is one of the important ingredients of Linux hosting and you will be provided with plenty of email ids. The number of email ids depends on the size of your website.

FAT Accounts

FAT accounts brings you freedom, power and control on your website and you can freely upload the files, delete and up grade your website content, details or any other information. A good Linux plan will have many FAT accounts with the password. It is one of the important features of the Linux plan where the customers have been given access to make changes in the web site with the help of protected password.


Back-up too is an important feature of Linux hosting plan although users don’t give it much importance but it becomes very important in case of any setback.


The success of any website depends on the number of the visits on the website. The statistics application will help you to review the number of visits and this is an essential feature is Linux plan.


It is quite natural for you to choose the server with maximum bandwidth. A good Linux plan will provide you sufficient bandwidth.

Web Mail

If you are going to launch a website then email forms will be very effective. A good host must provide this feature so that the users are able to check mails. It should also provide download feature. These options will be availed by SMTP and web mail. Therefore it is recommended to have the feature of SMTP and web mail.