Do You Need Dedicated Hosting?

Website is the core of all e-commerce activities. If you are planning to start your online business or you are thinking to upload your website, you need to know about most appropriate hosting solution. Try to stay away from the temptations of low cost web hosting offers where you get shared hosting. Make smart evaluation of your web hosting requirements and proceed with most relevant type of hosting.

Shared servers are very common and most of the online business companies use this kind of servers. Shared hosting is like sharing your room with someone else, you will have to stick to your space, despite you need more room. Actually you are sharing your resources with the numerous clients in this situation. It involves your bandwidth and storage space and both these things are most important for your website. There may be multiple shared hosts and one host as well at the same time. You might have security problem and traffic issues in the shared services.

A dedicated server is one which address all your hosting needs exclusively. It gives you complete security and maximum freedom to expand your business to desired lengths. We have listed-down some of the most visible advantages of dedicated web hosting.


Dedicated servers gives you total attention and maximum power. It gives you independence to work and thus you have enough capacity for the storage of your files, images and other contents. You will also have large bandwidth. The response of the server will be much faster and visitors will be able to access and interact with the webpage instantly.

Server Administrator

The shared server will provide control panel software to the customers to control the operation from the client side. But in case of dedicated servers you will be able to control the operations by yourself on regular basis and you will have all the power of your website. You will administer all the applications and software.


Most important feature of the dedicated servers is the security. Dedicated server provides you complete secure hosting solutions. Dedicated server will give you the option of locking your server with the help of security software.

Normally, people avoid dedicated servers for the high cost of maintenance. But they do not consider the value which dedicated servers offers in turn to your money. It may be expensive initially but when you look at the advantages and the security, you will never look back again. So it is highly recommended to use dedicated servers if you really want to run your online business successfully and with complete security.