Operations of Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is becoming more popular amongst large companies. The charges of this type of services depend on the space that you will use for the hosting. The operations of the colocation hosting are very important.


The colocation providers are usually standardized in a 19 inch rack design which is in the form of stand or a cabinet. Hardware of space 19 inch horizontally mounted separates it from other which enables the hardware manufacturers to design the products for the direct installation in the rack. Although a standard size is selected for the height but the height may vary. The usual standard height is estimated 1.75 inches. 1U is the standard size for the servers while 2U is for routers and switches in networking. This number of U’s actually determines the price of the computer. It is quite easy to find 1 U as compared to 2 U. 4U will be in order to have the full expansion.


It is normally used for the full sized racks in general. Cabinet is provided with the additional security features. Big companies require huge space for servers and equipments and they normally prefer cabinets. Partial cabinets are also provided by many colocation providers. If your hardware is not in accordance with the rack mounting then you may be provided with the ¼ cabinet. So you may benefit from this as well.


Power supply too is provided by many colocation providers apart from providing free space. Some of the colocations servers have reliable power supply devices for the systems. It also provide backup systems Normally certain number of amps is provided by the colocation provider to support the provided space. It can be 1 and 2 amps per U and most of the hardware lies in between 1 and 2 U. You can install extra equipment for the additional power as per your system requirements.

The operations of the colocation services are very complex. They are expansive as well but very effective as compared to the traditional web hosting, because it offers very exciting features.